Home Internet, TV, and Phone

250 Mbps-

Residential 250 Mbps Internet*

Blazing fast internet access for email, web browsing, video streaming, and all your social media needs with equally fast uploads.

1 Gbps-

Residential 1 Gbps (1 Gig - 1,000 Mbps) Internet*

Fastest internet available with speeds up to 100 times faster than DSL. Download HD movies in less than a minute.



You can learn more about the labels and download a PDF of any label here - Broadband Labels

Residential Phone

Residential Phone

Unlimited local and long distance within the continental U.S. Keep your current number option available in most areas. Residential phone is $29.95 when not bundled with internet.

Bronze (1)

Bronze Television Package

Perfect for anyone wanting local channels, plus some extras.


Silver Television Package

All of the Bronze channels plus favorites like the SEC Network, Fox News, CNN, Weather Channel, Lifetime, A&E and more!

Gold (1)

Gold Television Package

All of the Bronze and Silver channels plus MLB Network, Nick Jr, Turner Classic Movies and more!

Gibson Protect

We believe home network security and reliability is something everyone with an internet connection deserves, not an optional add-on. That's why we provide Gibson Protect for free. Gibson Protect gives you access to managed Wi-Fi, network security, parental controls, and content filtering. Tap the button below to learn more and to download the Smart Home app so you can take full advantage of these free services.

Lifeline Support Program

Lifeline is a federal program dedicated to making phone and internet service more affordable for low-income households. This benefit provides eligible consumers with a monthly discount of up to $9.25. For more information about the program click or tap on the button below, or call 731-562-6000.

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