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Members can apply for new electric service by visiting one of our member service centers or by signing up online. Each member must sign Gibson Electric’s "New Application for Service" form and pay a $5 membership fee. There are fees associated with receiving service and a deposit may be required. Members have the choice of being billed through our PayGo program or through monthly billing, both of which are described below.

When you visit our office to apply for service, please bring with you two forms of government identification, one of which is a photo ID.  Examples of government-issued identification include a driver's license with a photo and a social security card.

If you apply for service online, a Member Service Representative will reach out to you via phone to verify your information and take your payment.


PayGo is a pay before consumption program and a great alternative to Monthly Billing. With PayGo you pay for electricity in advance; and as you use electricity, your account balance decreases. Members who choose PayGo are on the same electric rate and pay the same $5 membership fee as those who choose Monthly Billing. However, no deposit is required with PayGo because you pre-pay for electricity and applicable monthly fees are pro-rata. To get started on PayGo, you'll need to pay $40 toward your account balance. This $40 is applied to the electricity you will use.

It's like filling up your car's gas tank. Before the tank is empty or in the case of PayGo, before the funds are depleted, you'll just add funds to your account. If your account reaches a negative balance your account will be disconnected, so it's important to keep track of your balance. We make this easy. You can check your account balance online using the Gibson EMC app, opt to receive a low balance e-mail, text or automated phone message alert. You can even set up an auto draft so when your account reaches a certain balance, funds are automatically transferred to your Gibson Electric account.

Many of our member say they like PayGo because it enables them to monitor their energy use on a daily basis and use energy more efficiently.

New or existing residential or GSA1 members may choose to participate. Existing members with account balances may pay either the account balance or utilize a debt recovery mechanism. (Just call us for details regarding the debt recovery mechanism.) Unfortunately, members with a Gibson Electric heat pump loan and/or water heater loan are not eligible for PayGo. 

Monthly Billing

Monthly Billing enables members to receive a monthly bill totaling the electric use at their location. Members who choose Monthly Billing will be charged a deposit at application equaling the sum of the highest two consecutive monthly bills in the last twelve months, rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Locations with inadequate history will be determined using pertinent structure information. Interest will accrue on all deposits. The interest rate will be reviewed and set in December of each year. 

On the third anniversary date of any residential security deposit, the deposit and any accrued interest will be credited to the member's electric account unless there has been a cut-off for failure to pay an account within the past 36 months. In that case, the refund will be extended until the member has established 36 consecutive months of service with no cut-offs for non-payment. Upon termination of service, the deposit will be applied to any unpaid balance and then it will be refunded to the member.


My Account & Payments

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Outage Information

Learn about power restoration and view the outage map. To report an outage, use your Gibson Electric app or call 1-800-977-4076.