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Surge Alert

Surge Alert helps protect appliances and electronics from power surges. This equipment lease program incorporates a two-stage protection network — a meter base suppressor to help protect the motors and compressors on your large appliances, plus plug-in units of your choice to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

What are power surges?

  • Power surges are sudden powerful increases in voltage that can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment.

Where do surges come from?

  • Lightning is an obvious cause of power surges, but surges also are caused by birds and animals coming into contact with power lines, road accidents involving utility poles, even a handy man next door using power equipment. 
  • Most surges, however, are caused by equipment inside your home, such as a heating and cooling unit, a vacuum cleaner, or even a refrigerator as it operates or turns on.
  • Not all surges occur on electric power lines. They also occur over cable television and telephone lines. Therefore, any equipment hooked up to an outside source is susceptible.

What equipment is threatened?

  • Unfortunately, the most expensive electronics in your home are the most vulnerable. Common household items include: personal computers, modems and printers, stereo equipment, tape decks, tuners and CD players, televisions, VCRs, DVD players and video games, telephones and answering machines, microwave ovens, garage door openers, and security system controllers.

How can I get Surge Alert protection?

  • You make application, then a Gibson EMC technician schedules a visit to your home to conduct a grounding inspection and to help you choose the Surge Alert components that will best meet your needs.
  • You may complete the application online.

What does it cost to get Surge Alert protection?

  • It costs just $4.99 per month for the meter base suppressor and an additional one dollar per month for each plug-in point-of-use unit of your choice. 
  • There also is a one-time installation fee of $29.99. 
  • If the Surge Alert components are damaged while protecting  your home, these components will be replaced at no cost.


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