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Programs and Services

Gibson EMC provides a variety of free services to help its commercial and industrial members use electricity efficiently. Some of these are briefly described below. If you have questions about these programs or need help with any aspect of service, just call us. Contact Emily Sullivan at 731-855-4740, extension 1610 or Member Services Supervisor Debbie Weatherford at 270-241-4020. 

Industrial Engineering Assessment
We can perform preliminary concept engineering studies and provide recommendations for a more efficient flow of material through the production process and for the more effective use of labor.

Energy Management Surveys
We can conduct an energy survey of your facility to identify opportunities that may exist for reducing energy usage.

Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
We can calculate the required capacity for installations of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, provide economic analyses of various types of systems, and assist with problem analysis.

Power Quality Metering
Special metering can be provided with a disturbance analyzer and/or recording voltmeter. This metering is designed to identify causes of sags, surges, harmonics, flickers, spikes, and other voltage fluctuations which may cause problems in your operation.

Special Metering Services
We can provide metering of electrical equipment to help identify electrical problems or provide consumption data for individual machines or specific areas of operation. We will also use instrumentation to measure light levels, insulation, air flow, humidity, and temperature. An analysis of the metered data also is provided.

Rate Analysis
We can provide a clear picture of power usage as reflected in your monthly electric bill, including an explanation of the various charges. We also provide studies to determine the feasibility of applying alternative rates.

Lighting Design/Recommendations
We will help you plan improvements in all aspects of lighting for your facility to achieve positive effects on safety, security, comfort, and productivity. This includes recommendations for both improving existing conditions and conceptual lighting layouts for new installations.

Wiring Recommendations
We can provide sizing of electrical equipment such as transformers, SE conductors, and emergency generators. Recommendations for service entrance installations and for electrical layouts as required by the National Electrical Code can also be provided.

New Construction Evaluation
If you are planning a facility expansion, an analysis of your total estimated energy needs can be provided. The analysis can include sizing of your electrical distribution system, analysis of alternatives for various energy-using systems, building envelope recommendations, and computer simulation of your projected energy costs. 

For more information, call Emily Sullivan at 731-855-4740, extension 1610 or Kerry Watson at 731-855-4740, extension 1810, or call your local member service center. Access the number by clicking here.

Green Power Switch
We can help you make the Green Power Switch. By participating, you help advance the technology and increase the amount of electricity generated from cleaner sources.

In the spirit of renewability, the dollars from every block of green power you buy go directly back into Green Power Switch. 

EnergyRight Solutions for Businesses and Industries
Increasing your company's energy efficiency helps you save money and protect our natural resources. TVA and Gibson EMC help businesses become more energy efficient by providing assessments of energy use and incentives for qualifying businesses and industries that can reduce their electricity usage. Visit the following links or contact Emily Sullivan at 731-855-4740, extension 1610 or Kerry Watson at 731-855-4740, extension 1810. 


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