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Outdoor Lighting

Gibson EMC's Outdoor Lighting is a smart choice for a variety of reasons:

  • Security — Outdoor lighting may provide a deterrent to intruders, prowlers and vandals. It illuminates those who may threaten your property and its occupants, and it gives the impression that someone is present… even when you’re away.

  • Safety — Outdoor lighting helps to prevent accidents due to inadequate lighting. One 100-watt high pressure sodium light can illuminate a radius of about 125 feet. 

  • Convenience  —  You never need to worry about turning lights on and off. Outdoor lighting comes on automatically as dusk falls, and shuts off with the morning light. 

  • About 31 cents per day —  You can lease a 65-watt LED outdoor light fixture. Larger fixtures are also available.


Outdoor Light Rates

100-watt high pressure sodium                                  $ 9.95/month

65-watt LED                                                                  8.55

Small LED Flood                                                         15.95

Medium LED Flood                                                     21.45

Large LED Flood                                                         25.95


Rates are approximate as the rate will fluctuate with the Fuel Cost Adjustment. 

If installed on an existing pole.  If additional poles are required, add $3.40/month for wooden pole, $6.10/month for galvanized steel pole, or $5.70/month for concrete pole.  There is a $30.00 installation fee for each pole, and a $30 installation fee for each light.

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