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How to Report an Outage

At Gibson EMC, we work diligently to deliver reliable electric service, but unfortunately, we sometimes have outages. If you experience an outage, please either call 1-800-977-4076 or use the free "Gibson EMC" app to report the outage immediately. (Please note that until we can fully integrate the former Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC mapping system with ours, our Kentucky members will not be able to report an outage using the app or see the Kentucky outages displayed on our Outage Map.  We expect to complete the mapping system integration by summer and have these services available to everyone.)  When calling, please provide the following information:

  • the telephone number for the location of the outage,

  • your account number,

  • your service address, and

  • any other pertinent information. (For example, if you saw a downed electric line or if you heard a loud noise just prior to the outage.)

Our staff is always ready to answer your questions and respond to problems. However, during times of especially heavy call volume, your call may be transferred to an automated attendant. If so, please provide all of the above listed information and rest assured that we will retrieve that information and restore your service as quickly as possible.

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