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Scheduling Your Electric Service

When locating/relocating a manufactured home, remember to include Gibson EMC in your planning process so that we can provide you with electric service when you need it.

Gibson EMC Requirements

  • Notify Gibson EMC 30 days before you need electricity so we can obtain underground utility clearance and complete engineering and construction work.

  • We will need your billing information: name, social security number, phone number, mailing address and credit information.

  • We will need location information: the 911 address and directions to the site.

  • Manufactured home should be onsite.

Once Gibson EMC has the above information, our field engineer will visit the job site within five working days. Then when engineering is complete, a letter will be sent advising you of any construction charges and your available methods of payment.

State Requirements

  • State law requires that a sewer permit be obtained from either the health department or local city hall. You must present this sewer permit at Gibson EMC when purchasing your electrical permit.

  • Electrical permits may be purchased at any Gibson EMC Customer Service Center, and may be paid with cash, check or money order. A copy of the electrical permit should be placed in the meter base for the state electrical inspector.

  • You must call Tennessee One Call (dial 811) no later than 72 hours prior to excavation so that all underground utilities can be located and marked. Tennessee One-Call notifications for excavation performed by Gibson EMC will be handled by our employees.

  • A state deputy electrical inspector will conduct an electrical inspection after the wiring is roughed in (before insulation and wall covering) and when the wiring is complete and all panel covers and face covers are installed. 

When Your Wiring is Complete

  • Call Gibson EMC to schedule an inspection by a state deputy electrical inspector.

  • Gibson EMC will schedule your meter to be set after the final electrical inspection is passed and arrangements are made for payment of charges.

  • If your inspection does not pass, you are required by law to purchase another permit for re-inspection.

Please contact any Gibson EMC member service center if you have questions or need additional information.


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