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Appurtenance Rates


This rate shall apply only to electric service to an appurtenance of a single-family dwelling served under Distributor’s Residential Rate—Schedule RS, where such appurtenance is separately metered and where the major use of electricity is for domestic purposes such as lighting, household appliances, and the personal comfort and convenience of those residing in said single-family dwelling.  This rate is not available to accounts with demand over 50 kW.
Character of Service
Alternating current, single-phase, 60 hertz.  Power shall be delivered at a service voltage available in the vicinity or agreed to by Distributor.  Multiphase service shall be supplied in accordance with Distributor’s standard policy.
Base Charges
Service Availability Charge:  
Single-phase                            $25.50 per delivery point per month
Energy Charge:              
Summer Period                       8.094¢ per kWh
Winter Period                          7.431¢ per kWh
Transition Period                     7.198¢ per kWh
Power Cost Adjustment:        2.576 cents per kilowatt-hour
The customer’s base energy charges shall be increased or decreased in accordance with the current Adjustment Addendum published by TVA.  In addition, such charges shall be increased or decreased to correspond to increases or decreases determined by TVA under Adjustment 4 of the wholesale power rate schedule applicable under contractual arrangements between TVA and Distributor.
Determination of Seasonal Periods
Summer Period shall mean the June, July, August, and September billing months.  Winter Period shall mean the December, January, February, and March billing months.  Transition Period shall mean the April, May, October, and November billing months.
Minimum Bill
The service availability charge constitutes the minimum monthly bill for all customers served under this rate schedule except those customers for which a higher minimum monthly bill is required under Distributor’s standard policy because of special circumstances affecting Distributor’s cost of rendering service.

Bills under this rate schedule will be rendered monthly.  Any amount of bill unpaid after due date specified on bill shall be subject to additional charges of 5 percent under Distributor’s standard policy.  Payment must be received by 5:00 PM on due date.  Bills unpaid more than five days after past-due date are subject to termination and/or additional charges in addition to the above mentioned.
Single-Point Delivery
The charges under this rate schedule are based upon the supply of service through a single delivery and metering point, and at a single voltage.  If service is supplied to the same customer through more than one point of delivery or at different voltages, the supply of service at each delivery and metering point and at each different voltage shall be separately metered and billed.
Service is subject to Rules and Regulations of Distributor



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