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Apply for Electric Service

To protect your identity, we must require that you come into one of our six member service centers to complete the application for service. Click here for our member service center addresses and telephone numbers. When you visit our office to apply for service, please bring with you two forms of government identification, one of which is a photo ID.  Examples of government issued identification include a driver license with photo and a social security card. There are fees associated with receiving service and a deposit may be required. Descriptions of our Traditional Billing Option and our Pay-Go option are below: 

Each new member must sign Gibson EMC’s standard form of application and pay a $5 membership fee. Before receiving service, a member also must pay a connect fee of $40 during regular business hours or $80 after regular business hours.

Members have the choice of Traditional Billing or Pay-Go.

Traditional Billing

Members who choose Traditional Billing will be charged a deposit equaling the sum of the highest two consecutive monthly bills in the last twelve months, rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Locations with inadequate history will be estimated considering pertinent structure information. Interest will accrue on all deposits. The interest rate will be reviewed and set in December of each year. On the third anniversary date of any security deposit, such deposit and any accrued interest will be credited to the member's electric account unless there has been a cut-off for failure to pay an account within the past 36 months; then the refund will be extended until the member has established 36 consecutive months of service with no cut-offs for non-payment. Upon termination of service, the deposit will be applied by the cooperative against unpaid bills of the member and if any balance remains, the balance will be refunded to the member.


Members who choose Pay-Go pay the same electric rate, the same $5 membership fee, and the same connection fees as those who choose Traditional Billing. However, no deposit is required with Pay-Go because the member pre-pays for electricity and applicable monthly fees are pro-rata. In addition to the membership fee and connection fee, a member must pay $40 toward his/her account balance. After set-up, there is a $40 minimum payment for customer service representative assisted transactions, but there is no minimum payment for our telephone automated attended transactions or for payments received through this website. There are other advantages to Pay-Go: participants can monitor their energy use on a daily basis by e-mail or through Gibson EMC's automated phone system. Low balance alerts can be received via text and automated phone messages; and payments can be made using cash, Check-by-Phone, or debit or credit VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Additionally, members say they like Pay-Go because the information they receive helps them use energy more efficiently. 

For more information on Pay-Go, click here.




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